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Severe exposures can lead to a toxic shock-type picture and even death. The ease of transmission through the air suggests that these organisms may be useful in biological warfare.

Postexposure Prophylaxis In the event of a biological attack using Francisella tularensis, the recommendation is to treat exposed people who are not yet ill with 14 days of oral doxycycline or ciprofloxacin.

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This restricts the testing, holding and developing of biological agents that can be used for as bio- weapons. Pneumonia due to monkeypox may cause death in about half of people who develop it. The incubation period is the time interval from infection with the virus to onset of symptoms is two to 21 days.

These types of essays need to constitute relevant and authentic factual information and thus require a thorough research. Generally the amphibious operations are considered the most intricate form of modern warfare.

The first encounter of biological agents used during conflict, was in the 6th century. If the infection came from an insect bite, the sore might appear on the lower part of the body, such as on the leg.

With chickenpoxsores may be forming while others are scabbing over. The last case was noted in Somalia in Patients then go on to develop vomiting and large-volume diarrhea.

Biological Warfare

The incubation period for EEE varies from five to 15 days. It was known that the Japanese had a special military unit called Unit that used biological agents such as cholera, plague typhoid and anthrax on prisoners of war.

Children, especially newborns, may have lasting nervous system problems. Diagnosis Tularemia can be diagnosed by growing the bacteria in the laboratory from samples taken of blood, ulcers, sputum, and other body fluids. Since ancient times, more than cases of ricin intoxication have been described.

The organism is extremely infectious.

Biological Warfare

Once the shot is given, a small fluid-filled pimple usually appears five to seven days later. Several weeks later, there was another attack, but this one involved a biological agent. Smallpox is the second most devastating bio agent leading the plague.

Iraq admitted to active research on the offensive use of botulinum toxins and to weaponizing and deploying more than munitions with botulinum toxin in. Biological Warfare: Testing and Researching Toxins Biological Warfare is the use and employment of biological agents to harm or kill humans, animals, or plant life.

Bio warfare can cause a significant amount of casualties with less preparation and work then other types of attacks. Biological warfare has become very possible at this turnonepoundintoonemillion.com science of genetics is constantly evolving and there are many countries that have established research Centers biological weapons on the pretext of "peaceful research".

Biological Warfare Essay

Biological warfare has existed for centuries and is still existent in modern times. Over the past years, there has been an increase in biological warfare where, several persons gave died from the deliberate release of biological toxins, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Explaining Why Biological Warfare Cannot be Explained with the SCOT Theory, Actor-Network Theory and Technological Systems Theory - The purpose of this essay is to explain why it will be a problem to explain biological warfare with the SCOT theory, actor-network theory and technological systems theory.

Essay about Future of Chemical & Biological Warfare FUTURE OF CHEMICAL WARFARE INTRODUCTION Background 1. Chemical Warfare is a method of warfare in which toxic or incapacitating chemicals agents are used to further the goals of the combatants. Biological warfare, also called germ warfare is the use of bacteria, toxins, virus or harmful organism by the military as weapons of war against the enemy.

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