Good manners are infectious

The wife might have been annoyed by the cook who might have been irritated on the behaviour of the house-maid. The author also gives the example of a bus conductors who shows good manners and keeps his passengers happy. These changes,slight as they may seem,can really make a different.

The word infectious has a negative connotation that many persons may disagree with. We should avoid pride, vanity, emotion, anger and harshness of voice when we behave with others. Thus due to one person's discourtesy, a chain action started and so many people were infected with it.

He even gave the writer a ticket when the writer boarded his bus without any money in his pockets. Our attitude should be sympathetic. In his essay "On Saying Please" Alpha of the Plough has very aptly commented on good and bad manners as infectious.

The basic of social manners would always require being attentive in class. Bad manners are not a legal offence. Because people like to make friendship with the people of good manners. However, embracing basic everyday good etiquette and manners will set you ahead of many others towards achieving your goals, maximising your potential, which, in turn, will place you far ahead when it comes to entering the work force.

Josie, 10, Southend being respectful. It is understandable that during youth, we try on many different 'faces' to see how they fit. Manners are very important. That's all free as well. The second example is of good manners.

Once the writer forgot his purse at home but the conductor gave him ticket happily with a smiling face. They quickly spread from one person to another like a contagious disease.

So do good manners. These are some of the basic principles upon which all our manners and behaviors should rest.

One day the writer boarded a bus without any money in his pockets. We shall not sit unless we are told to sit. Bad as well as good manners are infectious.

Are you sure you want to delete this answer. We will write a custom essay sample on Good Manners Are Infectious or any similar topic only for you We will write a custom essay sample on Good Manners Are Infectious. A bus conductor on London routes was very nice and helpful to his passengers.

Nov 14,  · Best Answer: Infectious means liable to be transmitted to people. In his essay "On Saying Please" Alpha of the Plough has very aptly commented on good and bad manners as infectious.

If the bad manners of one person influence others and make them rude and ill-tempered; the good manners of one person also affect others and Status: Resolved. Good manners is about considering the feelings of other people, and being the kind of person that others will like and respect.

In the 'olden days' children were taught about the Golden Rule - "Always do to others as you. For some, not all, good manners can be infectious because good manners in the right places polish the person's personality and rounds out their character. Just because some people may lead a life. From my perspective,it is my belief that good manners are infectious.

As we all know,smiles are infectious. So do good manners.

Good Manners Are Infectious

First of all,as we all live in a society,we cannot escape the influence of others any more than we can escape the influence of the air that we breathe. Apr 14,  · Edit Article How to Have Good Manners. Three Methods: Basic Etiquette Phone Etiquette Dining Manners Community Q&A Manners are an important thing to learn.

Having good manners means acting in a manner that is 87%(29). Here’s their first line about Taylor, “Good manners are infectious.” Seriously?

Essay on Good Manners.

Well, let’s just take a look at some of the “good-mannered” things Taylor has written.

Good manners are infectious
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