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But after describing these mechanisms in some detail, physiological psychologist Kenneth E. Finally everyone has a responsibility to make a rightful decision. A Social Psychological Analysis.

Numerous authorities now suggest that societal influences lead to violence and it cannot be a natural or biological part of humans but a learned reaction that can be controlled with effort. On one hand we promote peace and turning the other cheek to violence, yet in the same day we stand around in a group egging on a fight between angry men.

There is really no evidence that people have an innate need to be aggressive periodically, in the sense that the need is independent of context Baumeister and Bushman, Violent behavior is fascinating to our society. In essence it has become a truth—conventional wisdom that carries with it no requirement to examine the facts with a critical eye Baumesiter, et al.

If destructiveness were innate in man, the trend would have to be the opposite. In conclusion, most humans are conditioned to react aggressively and violently by our environments. The first thing to be said about animals is that we should be cautious in drawing lessons from them to explain our own behavior, given the mediating force of culture and our capacity for reflection.

Why do Cultural Animals turn violent. Our culture was molded by men who crave power and the domination of others.

When we turn to human history, we find an alarming amount of aggressive behavior, but we do not find reason to believe the problem is innate. Our violent tendencies could be a response to frustration and aggressiveness.

Talking about violence in civilized society, it was noticed that bigger part of humanity is fully capable to follow determined rules of behavior.

This is not as obvious as it should be, because most of us are only exposed to one culture—a culture where everyone pretty much thinks and acts the same—and it is easy to get the impression that the way we are is the only way we can be.

According to Freud, the only way to satisfy it, to keep ourselves from imploding to all that anger, is catharses, watching or participating in violent events involving anger. Appropriate attributes are specific to civilized society, but what about tribes and folks who are far from such condition.

Here are some of the points made by critics of biological determinism: Animals are aggressive and we cannot escape the legacy of our evolutionary ancestors; human history is dominated by tales of war and cruelty; and certain areas of the brain and particular hormones are linked to aggression, proving a biological basis for such behavior.

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On the other hand animal are not very violent as many think unless they equate hunting to violence. Furthermore, if these non-violent expressions provide a reduction in the initial frustration then, just like the aggressive behaviors, they will be repeated and violent responses are bound to be reduced.

The problem is that most people are unaware of this scientific consensus. Violence becomes part of our culture, so we act violently. The presence of some hormones or the stimulation of certain sections of the brain has been experimentally linked with aggression.

The Chalice and the Blade: Still, when those fail and the person is faced with the prospect of not being able to satisfy his or her desires, aggression may present itself as a way of influencing others and obtaining satisfaction. He quotes one authority who has written: For instance, by the fact that several communities may be producing pottery is not an indication that there is a pottery gene in that community Baumeister and Bushman There is debate whether we behave violently with cause, or without cause.

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Custom Humans are they Naturally Violent essay paper writing service Buy Humans are they Naturally Violent essay paper online It's evident that most human beings think that war can never be avoided and for these reason many of the societal ideas have been based on.

HUMANS ARE NATURALLY EVIL The question regarding to the nature of human beings being related to the word evil has been a topic for controversial discussion and.

Empirical data and theories from both sides will be presented in this essay which will illustrate that while humans are genetically equipped to be violent and in some cases even have a genetic predisposition towards violence, social factors play key role in facilitating and enhancing aggressive behavior or suppressing and inhibiting it.

Thesummary intends to help understand these behaviors. Violence is an act intended to hurt, injure, or kill. Both people and animals display violent behaviors. Violence is a present characteristic of every human society.

Are Humans Naturally Violent

Examples of violent crimes include rape, war, homicide and physical injuries. ” Humans are condemned to violence not because of our biology or human nature.

For if humans are naturally violent, we would expect to find the most extreme and frequent expressions of violence in the cultures that are least socialized, most “primitive”.

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